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In these testing times it’s easy to put aside good sleep routines to keep up with the demands of being a fabulous, high-achieving woman. But let us stop you there. We have heard it all before, sleep is important but it’s not just important for optimum brain function, it's important for our bodies to rejuvenate too. It promotes healthy, plump skin, clear eyes and let's be real, there is nothing more attractive than an attentive person. 
So how can we wake up without Prada beneath our eyes? 
Thanks to many studies, it’s a fact. Women need more sleep than men. Between 7 - 9 hours is thought to be the ideal average but with all the distractions of the digital world, some might find it harder than others to drift into that sweet slumber. Perhaps a bedtime routine may help you. Try starting to relax a couple of hours before your ideal bedtime, light a candle or diffuse essential oils, introduce yourself to herbal teas, put on your favourite comfy attire, perhaps your monogrammed lingerie (see above) and write yourself a couple of affirmations before bed. It may sound silly but it can help put your busy mind at ease and forget the stresses of your busy life. 

Here are some of our favourite products in the Kat office, that help us feel rejuvenated in the morning. 

Sleep well beauties.



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