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I don’t know if I am the only one but for some reason, all the men in my life are incredibly hard to buy for… perhaps it’s their blatant honesty? That artisanal wool sweater, the perfect winters gift?  Not so well received. The sneakers he was raving about?  Actually not his style nor comfortable. The camera bought to fill the photography dream? Collecting dust.

I love the honesty and it often leads to a trip out together switching the gift (I choose not to take offense). But with Father’s day coming up I thought I would enlist the help of a notable gentleman. One whose social following isn't just for his charming appearance but for his sophisticated personal style and lifestyle recommendations. 
So courtesy of Sam Wines, feast your eyes on the 3 gift ideas that may be your next fool proof gift, for him. 

(image courtesy @samwines_ )

Monogrammed Phone case from TDE: 
Why? Because dads never have nice phone cases, this one is sleek, minimalist and won’t break the bank. Bonus points because this one can be monogrammed. Go on, make it personal, dad will be stoked.

Orbitkey 2.0: 
Why? Because dad definitely needs to carry his keys better. Orbitkey not only looks cool, it’s practical, comes in a range of colours and varieties and has cool add on accessories like a USB and a multi tool for all those handymen out there who love a good gadget. 

A GentSac:
Yep, that is not a typo. GentSac is a subscription based service for Men’s Grooming Products based out of Sydney, Australia. Not from Sydney? No need to worry, just jump online and check out their website and you can put together a fantastic little-tailored selection of goods and get it shipped directly to you. My top product picks are the fragrances from Goldfield & Banks as well as the Handsom Skincare range. Why? Because dads like a bit of pampering every now and then too. 

Thank us later.

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