How to purchase lingerie for Valentines day. 

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While we always promote wearing lingerie for oneself, we can't help but love seeing you purchase pieces for the ones you love as well.

Now we know it can be a daunting experience purchasing lingerie for someone else, so we've simplified her thought process as she decides what she likes.

Here are our top tips on making sure that a) she actually likes it, and b) that its going to fit and be a piece she will treasure. 


Step 1. 

Is she a black or white lingerie wearer? We suggest shopping the classics, and starting with colour palette as top priority. 


Step 2. 

Is she a bralette girl or an underwire lover? Women with bigger busts usually appreciate a little extra support. We'd suggest shopping underwire if this is the case, otherwise bralette is a great option for extra comfort, and a little less structure. 

She loves bralettes if: You've noticed sometimes she goes bra-less all together, she finds underwire uncomfortable, or she doesn't like a little peek a boo bra flash out the side. See our bralettes here.

She loves underwire if: You've noticed she likes a little extra support or push up, if she has never worn a bralette before, or she doesn't like the flimsy-ness of a bralette. See our underwires here.


Step 3.

What is her size? If you can't access her lingerie drawer to check her other sizes to compare to our size conversion guide, we suggest shopping for her dress size. Visit our fitting room here for some more direction. 


Step 4. 

Would you like underwear with that?

Now for Valentines day we do suggest going 'all out', you can't quite get the bra if she has nothing to match on the bottom. See our lovely sets here.

Other accessories we recommend: champagne & or chocolate.


Step 5. 

Can't make up your mind? We suggest shopping 2-packs so that she has a little taste of both! You can see them here.


Step 6.

Want something super extra special and personal that she can't find anywhere else? Add a personal touch to her bralette and monogram her (or your) initials in soft metallic gold thread. Check out monograms here.


Step 7.

Nope, too hard. 

Then no worries- a gift voucher is just as special. Shop gift vouchers here


Happy Valentines day, lover x


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