Is it time to replace your greatest love?

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Every woman has that one bra they can’t let go of. It served you well. it went through the hard times and the good times. It supported you through breakups, job promotions, countless birthdays and one too many first dates. We need to make it clear, we understand! 
But like any good thing, it has to come to an end. Is it time to replace your greatest love?

It’s said the average bra-lifespan is between 6-9 months, of course this depends on the frequency of wear and how you care for your counterparts.
In the mean time here are the significant signs you need to say goodbye and go shopping. 

It’s too small! Maybe, just maybe you have a bra that you can't let go of …beside the fact, it is probably too old, bodies change! Perhaps you,  like me, were introduced to the burrata and vino diet or more likely, your breast size has just simply changed. Regardless of the details, it's important to keep your best assets supported. Look out for back pain, tightness on the last hook and the ghastly spillage. 

It’s uncomfortable. Yes, it used to be your best friend but people change and so do bras. If it doesn't feel right, let it go! 

Lastly, maybe you have held on so long the elastic in your bra is just completely absent. If the elastane no longer has enough stretch to snap back, it's likely it doesn't have enough stretch to be the supportive compadre you really deserve. 

If you find yourself in this predicament, don’t stress you have found yourself in the right place. The truth is one is never enough. Really. The more bras you have and the more you rotate wear between them, the longer your relationship with your significant other will last. 

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