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The lovely Bailey Jones of Bly Jonesing recently collaborated with our lacies. We loved her style and content so much we got her back in to ask a few Questions. 

Why did you start your blog Bly Jonesing and what do you love about creating content?
Well truthfully a few people had told me to start a blog but I always thought posting photos of myself would be too vain! When I finally did start my blog I had just begun studying Fashion Design and so I decided that a blog could be used as a portfolio for future employment. I had no idea how much I would love content creating when I started! I think my favourite thing about blogging is the fact that it pushes me to exercise my styling ability. My content continuously improves over time as I learn more about myself and what I want to say. For me that’s the most enjoyable part of this process.

Describe yourself using one word?
What one word?? Oh god I can’t decide. Wait there we go - indecisive. 

Coffee or Tea?
Depends what kind of night I’ve just had. I used to drink 4 coffees a day! But now I’m a pretty mellow Earl Grey’ drinker.
Underwire or Bralette?
I wish I had the kind of boobs that required an underwire! But I do love a bralette. The kind of bra I wear on any given day depends on what I’m wearing over the top. If I’m wearing a t-shirt I would prefer an underwire bra. The Maverick bra by Kat The Label has been amazing! It feels like I’ve got nothing on but still gives a nice structure.  
Cocktails or Wine night?
Wine. Red wine. 
Though I used to date a bartender and he could make me a damn fine cocktail. 

The last TV series you finished watching ? 
I’ve actually just rewatched the series Younger’. The 4th season has just come out but I have to wait a week for each episode! Impatient millennial. 

Denim or Leather?

The last country you visited?
I went to Indonesia for the first time last year. But before there it was the Czech Republic. 

Name 3 people who have influenced your style?
My current boss Carmen Hamilton of Chronicles of Her, Camille Rowe & Alexa Chung. 
I know I’m influenced by films a lot but it’s hard to pinpoint an actress or character that has shaped my style significantly.  

A book you couldn’t put down?
‘1984’ by George Orwell. I was actually in Paris when I was reading it and I remember wanting to read rather than go site seeing. So pathetic! 

Satin or Lace? 
Satin I think…..but it’s a tough call!

Check out her blog and see more of BLY JONESING 

Bly Jonesing styles with . . . 
The Illusion longline Bralette 
The Illusion Brief
The Maverick Underwire in Black
& The Virtue Undies in Black

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