Care Guide

Our items are delicate, please handle them with care.Caring for your lingerie is important to it's longevity and functionally. While each style differs slightly, always read the care label on your garment for best practise. Here's some handy hints when washing your garments that we would recommend. If there is a certain product you want advice on, please reach out to our support team for some customised assistance at

1. Cold Hand Wash Only Your Kat the Label garments are much too delicate for the washing machine. To ensure your pieces last the test of time, please hand wash them gently in the sink with a delicate soap or even a little shampoo. Machine washing your underwire bra will cause the underwires to pop out, lace to possibly tear and our beautiful embellishments to disintegrate.

2.  Wash With Like Colours When washing your items, be sure to only wash like colours together. A dark or coloured item can transfer onto your white garment if not washed separately. A red could have a little loose dye from the dying process, which could affect other items too. 

3. Do Not Soak Before or after hand washing your garments, we do not recommend soaking them for more than a few seconds in any kind of soap or water. This is because it could cause colours to run, fade or transfer.

4. Do Not Tumble Dry Our pieces are much too delicate for a dryer - so keep them away!

5. Dry Flat in Shade As you can't dry our pieces in the dryer, they need to dry flat and in the shade. We suggest laying out a hand towel or towel and laying your garment flat on top. Hanging the item can stretch out the elastic and cause it to disintegrate. 

6. Do Not Bleach Our trims and fabrics can not be bleached, this will cause your lace to be damaged and colours can become inconsistent and discoloured in parts. 

7. Keep Me Safe We send out our all items in a lovely mesh laundry bag, so you can store your pieces in there when in your lingerie drawer. This will save delicate laces getting caught on other bra hooks and possible tears. Your lingerie is special, so storing it properly is an important part of keeping it in top condition. 

some extra tips!

Always do up your clasps before you wash any bra or bralette, this will stop the hooks catching on other parts of the bra or lace and tearing. 

If you're feeling lazy, you can bring your lingerie pieces in the shower with you to give a quick wash at the same time!

If your garment has metallic embroidery or glitter motifs, try avoid getting this heavily embellished area as wet as the gusset or cup lining/straps of the bra. 

If absolutely necessary and there is no other alternative, depending on how gentle your washing machine is, pop your items in the mesh bag provided in the machine on gentle, cool wash or a quick 15 minute wash. This is at your own discretion, as everyones machine is different and we cannot be responsible for items damaged due to incorrect care.

While its not quite as easy as tossing your items in the machine, we promise looking after your lingerie is important and worth it in the long run!