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Meet our new face,  Jessica Roche; of our Rogues campaign. And while you're at it, take a sneak peak of the new collection  dropping in November!

How did you fall into modelling and what do you love about industry?

After I stopped playing professional volleyball at around 19 I only really had my uni degree, a few friends trying to break into the industry asked me to take some photos just for fun and I absolutely loved it! It tapped into my creative side and I became really passionate about what the whole industry entails. The thing I love the most is all the new incredible and inspiring creatives you get to meet and hang out with all the time. Being able to run around set all day and just be yourself and have fun whilst your 'working' is also a bonus!

Describe yourself using one word?


Coffee or Tea?

I'm a 4 cups of coffee a day kind of girl!

Underwire or Bralette?

Depends on my outfit

Cocktails or Wine night?

mmmm Cocktails

The last TV series you finished watching ?

I am useless at actually finishing series! I think it was suits

Denim or Leather?

Definitely Denim

The last country you visited?

Bali! I am actually heading to Sri Lanka in a few weeks- if anyone has any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them!

Name 3 people who have influenced your style?
Mhmm I am a bit of a lone wolf in that sense, kinda just wear whatever is comfy ha. I adore everything about Margaret Zhang, Matilda Djerf is just the epitome of beauty in my opinion and Brydie Mack is the ultimate creative goddess and cool girl.

A book you couldn’t put down ?
Unfortunately I haven't been able to put down my Psychology textbooks lately!

Satin or Lace?
oooo... I think Satin. Simplistic beauty and detail all the way.

To see more of the divine Jess check out her instagram

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